Alaska By Sea

Alaska By Sea

Alaska has called to me for years. Visiting seemed overwhelming as I want to see and do everything when I visit a new place.

Wanting to get a little taste of many different parts of Alaska, I decided on a Cruise.

“How do you eat an elephant. One bite at a time.” We planned on enjoying every bite of the Last Frontier. 

Cheers to life, love, and adventure
Funny faces for a fancy dinner

Alaska Cruises are notoriously expensive. I booked it over a year in advance and paid in installments to help ease the blow. Luckily living in Seattle we didn’t have to worry about airfare. Just an Uber ride to the Port. I was taking my 14 year old son with me, so decided on Carnival. Carnival had a great program for teenagers, with many activities to keep him busy. Little Sasquatch LOVED the Cruise. More than once he exclaimed that it was the “best vacation ever”.  He made friends the first day  and we didn’t see him when we were on the ship unless it was for meals. He made sure that we all had dinner together every night. That boy loved dressing up for dinner in his suit for formal nights.

We left from Seattle on Carnival Legend and spent a day at sea. Our itinerary was Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Victoria BC, and back to Seattle. The great experiences we had on this trip made us start planning on return to Alaska to visit: Glacier Bay,  Kenai Fjords and  Denali National Park.

When going into the Fjords, I can’t stress this enough, GO TO THE FRONT OF THE SHIP early, bundle up (if you need to), bring food, a drink, camera, binoculars and enjoy the view. A magical experience.

Fjord mode engaged

Hands down best experience of the trip, and my life, was in Skagway. We booked the helicopter tour over the mountains and glaciers to land on a glacier and visit a dog sled camp. We made friends with the dogs cuddled puppies, and experience mushing. Little Sasquatch “so many good boys to pet”. Little still talks about that adventure months later.

Dog Sledding out of Skagway

Our pilot informed us that he had been flying this route for four years and this was the best day for visibility he had ever had. It was truly breath taking.  If you are ever able to do this, it is worth every penny. I am not a fan of heights or flying, had never been in a helicopter until that day. I was overtaken by the majesty of Alaska at the moment to feel any fear at all. The blue ice of the glaciers, the peaks and valleys, the way the mountain range seems to extend into forever, makes the heart skip a beat. Sasquatch got the best seat right up front with the pilot. Being a big guy is a big plus sometimes.

Dog Sledding Skagway
They won’t let you take them home

The town of Skagway itself had a nice brewery we visited, Klondike Brewing Company, fun shops, and a tour we had to take of the haunted brothel, The Red Onion Saloon. There is never enough time for everything we want to do.

Juneau and the Mendenhall Glacier. Bikes and Brews. A bike tour to Mendenhall Glacier, that ended at a Pub for beer tasting of Alaska Brewery.

The Alaska towns were small and sweet. We had our own private tour guide in Ketchikan as my high school friend moved there years ago. He is the Alaska man, hunting, fishing, hiking, and boating. We promised ourselves that we will be returning to Ketchikan as a few hours on shore was not enough to experience and soak in that town. Alaska man made us breakfast at his house, took us to visit Totem Bight Start Historical Park, enjoyed a small hike around a peaceful lake, walked downtown and creek street.  Totem Bight State Park had 14 totem poles and a Clan house to explore.

Creek Street Alaska
Clan House at Totem Bight

Victoria Canada is always beautiful to visit. Our stop there was only a few hours.  Due to the Jones Act all cruises have to stop in Canada. We took a taxi to the Empress, walked around a bit, saw the Parliament building. Sasquatch had never been to Victoria, but we will pop on the Victorian Clipper next summer and spend a weekend here so he can truly experience it. Victoria is beautiful.

Victoria, BC

All three of us gave this trip a 5/5. It was relaxing, we had adventures and experiences only Alaska could give us, made new friends, and bonded as a family.

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