Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Our word for 2019 is Strong. Goal is to be strong mentally, physically, etc, and most importantly, together.

Back in late December, Sasquatch had a spinal fusion which has changed our active lifestyle for a short period of time. He is up and walking, doing light house hold duties, and is able to put on his own socks. We are hopeful that the fusion takes and he can resume all the activities he is missing.

His 3 week post op appointment with the surgeon went well. Hiking again by spring and camping by summer is expected. It could take up to two years for the fusion to fully heal, so we are going to be on the cautious side. No bungee jumping. (Love you mom)

Recovering from a major surgery is slow and we are doing all we can to heal him and keep a healthy life style. Getting him physically stronger every day.

Get out of the house

We sprinkled in a few outings to keep the cabin fever at bay. Sasquatches are not meant to be indoors for too long. Ten days post surgery, we rented a wheel chair on enjoyed zoo light at Point Defiance Zoo. They really brought it this year. Applause to the A+ design team.

Zoo lights at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
Sasquatch found at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Three weeks after surgery we utilized our new membership to Seattle Museum of Flight and had a crash course on the flight simulators. Mine was indeed a “crash” course. Do not let me fly the plane. Sasquatch was able to enjoy the museum for a few hours with the assistance of a cane. It was exciting to see improvement in healing.

Out and about at Seattle Museum of Flight

First time on a diet as a couple

My cousin challenged us to do the Whole 30 diet with her for the month of January, and we thought, since activity and exercise are not something that is easy to do at the moment for Sasquatch- why not. Keep the weight off and cut out sugar……and everything else? What did we get ourselves into!

I am very goal oriented, and was going to crush it. Sasquatch is the most supportive husband ever and was on board the entire 30 days. We made it. Glad I read the book first (I like to be prepared) it was very helpful for meal planning but more than that, explaining our “symptoms” and feelings at each stage of the diet. They were spot on. We both had food dreams. First time for everything! Bonus, not only did we not gain weight we both lost weight and inches. Nice reset for 2019.

Getting bored? Clean the house.

The other thing we did to occupy our time while home and recovering was Tidying. Yes that would be Tidying Up with Marie Kondo that is so popular right now with her Netflix show being out.

I had been following The life-Change Magic of Tidying Up suggestions since the book came out. Both Sasquatch and I are a slight neat freaks. He watched the Netflix show and said “that is why you fold you socks like that”! One episode watched and we were going through all of our belongings. We don’t own much, but we had a nice load that went to Goodwill, and all our closets, drawers, and garage now bring joy when we open them. There is something about opening a drawer and having everything perfectly in place that makes us happy. We are each others kind of weird.

Get a checklist for your own tidying journey here.

This is where I brag a little

I must add: I am impressed with my husbands attitude during this journey. Sasquatch was always polite and appreciative to the hospital staff and to me. Pushed himself to get better and be active as possible. Proved that he can do hard things and still have a positive outlook.

Sasquatch and Sasquatch

2019 we are ready for you

Now at the end of January 2019, we are thinner, healthier, detoxed from sugar, and the house is impeccable. We proved that we can do hard things and conquer. Sasquatch is up and around and is ready to go on longer walks. We are already getting stronger. Bring on the rest of the year. Adventure on.

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