Tennessee’s Ruby Falls

Tennessee’s Ruby Falls

Sasquatch remembered vaguely as a child visiting Ruby Falls and wanted to explore it again during our 2018 trip home to visit.

Ruby Falls Entrance

What makes Ruby Falls special?

Ruby Fall is the tallest and deepest underground waterfall that is open to the public. The falls are located in Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga Tennessee.

I read one review online that said “You walk about a half mile with low ceilings, narrow paths, you have to bend almost completely over when coming out from behind the falls, and you have to stop and press up along the wall to let other groups pass.” After I visited I found this review laughable. I haven’t been in TONS of caves but enough to know that besides a few low ceilings tall people may have to duck for this cave is made for tourists. Yes you do move to one side while other group passes but there is plenty of room to do so. So don’t worry about being a big guy. You will fit just fine.

A few low ceilings in the cave to Ruby Falls

You can tweet your tour as it is happening. It has WiFi. No joke I have never seen a cave with WiFi. We descended by elevator 26-stories and followed the tour guide along the path to the waterfall, 1,120 feet underground. All the while being able to check social media.

Tobacco leaf shaped Capillary Tubes (hollow stalactite)

I had also read that you may have to wait for hours in line. I am not a patient person and waiting for hours sounded torturous. However, we waiting for less than 20 minutes. Granted it was Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, so many people were probably on their way home. Not out exploring caves like we were.

Touch a Stalagmite. There is one stalagmite that you are able to touch in the cave. Serious hands on experience.

The one Stalagmite you can touch on the Ruby Falls Tour

The waterfall!

After a half mile walk you come to the main feature, the Falls Room. They try to make the unveiling as dramatic as possible. Music piped through a sound system as the lights slowly brighten, and right before you are able to see the top of the 145 foot waterfall, the dramatic score increases. TADA! See the awe of this underground waterfall! It is a lot of fanfare for something so amazing it needs only silence to be appreciated. Perhaps, that is just the nature girl in me.

There is a time limit at the falls and they strictly follow it. Once your groups allotment is up they turn off the lights. Might as well follow the group back to the elevator.

We were unable to get a good picture of the falls. It is difficult with the people and the lights changing colors. The sounds and light “show” was a new addition in January of 2018. They should have saved their money. It added a “cheese” factor to an otherwise amazing tour and cave.

The ever changing colored lights at the falls

What did we think of Ruby Falls?

Over all we loved the Ruby Falls experience. The cave was easy to walk through. Not many narrow or low passage ways. When there was a head bonker coming up, the guide always let us know. The guide herself, was informative and fun. It is worth the stop and cost.

PNWEIRDOS at Ruby Falls

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