What We Learned by Doing Whole 30

What We Learned by Doing Whole 30

In December by cousin asked me to commit to doing the Whole 30 diet for the month of January. Sasquatch and I enjoy doing things together, plus he knew it would be easier for me to stay the course if he was on the team. So, we both said yes. We are in.

There is a line in the Whole 30 book that reads “It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard” I agree drinking coffee black isn’t hard. But don’t pretend this diet is not hard. I beat cancer – twice. And I am hear to tell you that this diet is HARD. But guess what?

You can do hard things.

That was the first thing we learned. We can do hard things. More than that, we can do hard things together and it makes it just a little easier. And for the love of Pete, do not tell someone that it isn’t hard just because something else may be harder! This may be the hardest thing someone has done in this life so far. Do not diminish that because they never had to stop heroin.

What is this crazy diet ?

It is cutting out added sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, grains, legumes (I missed my peanut butter) soy and dairy. We ended up eating more meat than we typically would, but also we ate more fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds. Read about the rules here.

We are addicted to sugar!

Just how much we were addicted to sugar was surprising. We don’t have candy, cookies, other goodies everyday, we don’t add sugar to our coffee or tea, we don’t drink soda often. But when we cut it out of everything we ingested, reading the labels and omitting that from our diet, we had withdraws.

The book didn’t lie about the body aches. For me they didn’t start until day 3 and they lasted 5 days. It felt like I had the flu with just the soreness. Sasquatch didn’t experience this as much, he believes it is because he was on pain medication for his back surgery still.

Tiredness. Again this lasted for me much longer than day 6 and 7 as the book would have you believe. The exhaustion was more difficult than eating only “okay-ed” foods for me. Sasquatch wasn’t as tired as I was. He gained energy. The food restrictions were more difficult for him. Proving we are all different in what we struggle with.

Going into the second week we both said “this is so dumb” But we were too far in and we aren’t quitters! Food dreams commence. Queue Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger is Paradise.

Dreaming of you.
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The lie of Tigers blood. No tigers blood for us on days 16-27. Nope. Just the light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 30. Glad it is over. Wanting to visit a brewery. The before and after pictures, scale and measurements showed big improvement. I will spare you the photos. Could we have done the same thing with a different diet? Sure. But we did this one. And completed it. Bragging rights earned.

Day 31 of Whole 30: Wine

What did we learn by completing Whole 30?

  1. We can do hard things. Doing hard things together is easier than doing it alone.
  2. Sasquatch and Wanderwoman are excellent cheerleaders for each other.
  3. I am a meal planning machine. Easier to stick to something if you plan for it. Plan for those surprise days too.
  4. Pinterest recipes are the best.
  5. We love Sugar.

Would we do this diet again?

Probably not. We don’t have any underlying health concerns we have to “diet” for, so it seems an overkill method to lose weight. However, we are incorporating some of the Whole 30 life style into our daily meal planning.

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