Experience: Chihuly Garden and Glass

Experience: Chihuly Garden and Glass

Seattle has become the epicenter of glass art thanks to artists such as Dale Chihuly. You can see his work around the world. However, we get to claim him as a PNW native. Therefore, you must visit his museum when visiting the city.  Located under the iconic space needle is Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Best day to visit?

Any day but Saturday. To enjoy the museum with least amount people to work around, visit any day but Saturday. If you must visit on Saturday, don’t worry it is not overly crowded. We just prefer to go with less people.

The cost of admission varies on when you go. It is typically around $20 per person. For current rates and times visit their website.

The museum closes often for special events and weddings.

It is a good idea to confirm that they will be open to the public when you want to visit. A quick glace at their website you are going to find lots of early closures or parts of the museum that you won’t be able to visit.

Chandelier Room at Chihuly Garden and Glass
Chandelier Room at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Indoor galleries

Each room is a theme of different work.  Be sure to bring some comfortable headphones so that you can play the audio tour. It will give you information on each room and the inspiration behind it.

Gorgeous boats of glass balls


Inside the symmetric glasshouse is a giant suspended glass sculpture overhead, with 1340 individual plates.

Glass house


Glass sculptures mix with plantings that aesthetically compliment each other. It is interesting to see this part of the museum during different times of the year. The garden transforms with the season as the sculptures remain constant. The garden is my favorite. The combination of nature with planting and blooms. As a gardener myself I can appreciate the effort that goes into this area. Master plant list can be found here.

It will take approximately 1-2 hours to make your way through the museum. Following your visit see some Chihuly’s personal collections: like the accordions suspended from the ceiling at the adjacent Collections Café. The food there is fantastic. To insure you get a table with out a wait, make a reservation.

Whenever someone asks what to do in Seattle, I will always recommend Chihuly Garden and Glass. Not overly expensive. Can be enjoyed in a couple hours. Close to many other attractions. Unique works of art. It is a Seattle Gem.

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