History speaks, do you listen?

History speaks, do you listen?

Ozette Loop Trail – 47.176539971448, -122.35679272854

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History speaks of you listen

History speaks, do you listen?
One of the many Makah petroglyphs you will find on this trail. We also visited the Makah Museum in Neah Bay to learn more about the people that carved these stones and still live on these lands. #pnweirdos #sasquatch_and_wanderwoman #respecteachother #makahtribe #ozettetriangle #pnwadventure #petroglyphs #explorepnw #activelifestyle #hikepnw #upperleftliving
[igp_map lat=”47.176539971448″ lon=”-122.35679272854″ marker=”Ozette Loop Trail” style=”ROADMAP” class=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ width_type=”pixel” height_type=”pixel” zoom=”15″]

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