Eliminate Post-Vacation Stress Syndrome

Eliminate Post-Vacation Stress Syndrome

Imagine this: You just got back from an amazing relaxing vacation on a beach somewhere. Everyone is sun-kissed and chill. You even finished that book you have been trying to read for the past 6 months. Life is good! You fly in late at night, get home with loads of laundry to be done, an empty fridge, and a messy house. On top of that you have to go to work tomorrow…All that relaxation and rejuvenation just flew out the window. Enter Post-Vacation Stress Syndrome.

Common tips I have heard to help are: do all your laundry when you walk in the door, and take extra vacation days to get back into your routine before you return to work. That doesn’t work for me. I work with a team and we plan and take our vacations together. That means I have to compromise on days and times of my vacation as it is. The last thing I am going to do is short myself two days in paradise or exploring a new city so I can make sure my laundry gets done. No thank you. Priorities!

Here are tips to prepare you for your best post-vacation life.

1.Before you leave your house make sure it is clean.

Your mom was right: clean your room. It doesn’t have to be mother-in-law visit-worthy, just picked up – bed made, dishes done, and unloaded from the dishwasher. When you open that door to return home you will find it welcoming. Not a to-do list to stress you out. Do a little every day leading up to your trip. Try to have most of your laundry done before you leave for vacation. This may be easier for some than others depending on how many children you have. The last thing we do when leaving the house is to take all the garbage out to the trashcan. Forget this one time and you will remember forevermore, as that smell you return home to will haunt you.

2. Prep your meals for at least three days after your return.

You can premake freezer meals way in advance. It doesn’t need to be done the week you are leaving. It can be done two months or more before a big vacation. If you return on a Sunday. You should have freezer meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I prefer four freezer meals and on Friday having leftovers. Here are the ones I used this last time: Slow Cook Pork Loin, Island Chicken, and French Chicken. You can defrost your meals and pop them in a crockpot before you leave for work.

Grab the fresh veggies and fruit, bread etc on the way home from work will only take a few minutes. Write down your shopping list of what you need before you leave for vacation. Mine included: creamer for coffee, milk, bread, lunch meat, salad ingredients, strawberries, and apples. Literally took me 20 minutes extra getting home from work to pick these up. You can always order Pizza your first night home too.

3. Pack and unpack your suitcase with efficiency in mind

When packing up to head home items such as make-up (if that applies) and toiletries should be easily accessible. You know what you will need. It is best to pack all the clean cloths consolidated into one suitcase (you know you over packed, you still have clean cloths) and a suitcase with everyone’s dirties. Obviously this only works if you are traveling with others. If it doesn’t apply to you, expect to have to do all your laundry when you return. (when you have time) .

post vacation stress packing

After you have removed the essentials and any damp clothing like swimming outfits, roll that suitcase into the closet. It is not a priority. Get to it when you have time. No one is judging you. You are the only one that knows it is lurking in your closet. For packing wet bathing suits, try this bag to keep them separated from your dry cloths.

This tip only will work if you can break that perfectionism complex. If hiding a half-filled suitcase will cause you post-vacation stress, best you unpack and put that suitcase away. Don’t you dare feel bad about not getting all that laundry done though… Be nice to yourself.

4. Cut out decision making

If you need to return to your routine the day after you return decide before you leave what you are wearing to work/school. Set it out. Cut out decision making when you get home. I have stepped off a cruise ship at 7:30 am and gone into work at 10:00 am that same day. Sometimes you have to go back to work sooner than you want to. Going back to work immediately wasn’t a big deal. Why? Because I was prepared for it.

That is the trick to anything. Being prepared. Sure life is going to throw you all kinds of things you aren’t prepared for. So we may as well plan when we can.

Bonus Tip

Look at those pictures from your vacation. Talk and reminisce about all the fun things you saw and did. Reinforce that memory and smile.

Are there any things that have helped you combat post-vacation stress? Please let us know! We are always looking for ways to better our life experience.

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