Packwood, Washington

Packwood, Washington

There is a town nestled at the base of Mt. Rainier, a small dot on Hwy 12, a community with just over 1300 residents, that I feel in love with this summer. Packwood, Washington was my 2019 summer crush.

The long days of summer were beginning to shorten again. School was going to be starting for Yeti in just over a week. It was time for a last summer adventure. However, we were all feeling a bit tired of sleeping on the ground. We wanted a cabin, indoor plumbing, perhaps a hot tub. Being picky we also wanted somewhere close to a hike, or a few hundred hiking choices.

That is when I booked a cabin a mile outside of Packwood, Washington. The cabin had a hot tub and we were able to relax and soak our sore hiking legs every evening.

What else is there to do in this town besides hike? Well, this is what we did:

Packwood Brewery

When we got into town Sasquatch was still officially working, we were too early for our cabin, and he had a meeting to join remotely. You should know there is no cell signal in Packwood. Thank goodness for Packwood Brewery. Besides the brew, they have Wifi. Not the first time a brewery has saved us. Breweries deserve superhero capes.

It was 3 pm, the brewery was slow and quiet. We ordered some tacos and beer. Sasquatch took his meeting in a quiet room in the back. Yeti and I looked through the many games they had to choose from. Large couches and excellent decor, made me want to snuggle in and wrap my hands around my pint glass like it was a cup of hot cocoa. I could have easily settled in for a few more pints.

Packwood Brewery

Yeti got bored… exploring we went while Sasquatch was still working. And where did Yeti lead me? To a burger joint of course. He is a hound dog at finding the best burgers.

Cliff Droppers

Yeti is the hamburger connoisseur of the family. However, I even think Cliff Droppers has an amazing cheeseburger. Yeti easily convinced us to come back once more before leaving town. It is a little bit of a wait for your meal. Magic takes time. I am sure there is a wizard as a cook here. How else can you make a cheeseburger I would rave about! It is the only explanation. Cheese wizards.

Mountain Goat Coffee Co.

Packwood Washington

Coffee, scones, soft-serve ice cream…or in my case. All three. Mountain Goat Coffee Co is a sweet shop with a sign you can’t miss. Inside or porch seating, or seating on an enormous bike that a Sasquatch before us abandoned. Maybe a giant abandoned it…..or a giant sasquatch.

The people working here are friendly with quick wits. They had me laughing a few times just getting our order. Plus they gave me an ice cream cone with extra sprinkles for my birthday. How can you not love someone who gives you extra sprinkles?

Packwood Washington

White Pass Historical Museum

Stopping at the White Pass Historical Museum wasn’t on our list. Honestly, we didn’t have a list at all. It was perhaps the first time ever I didn’t have a want to see/ must-do list. The point being, we went here. And it was fun. The museum is in the old schoolhouse. They have a room that is full of just items from Russel Gibbs house. A resident of Packwood who passed away. Mr. Gibbs was far from boring, as were the items displayed from his life.

Other rooms were filled with memorabilia from the schoolhouse itself. As well as a Mt. St. Helen’s display. Martha, one of the museum curators, discussed in detail the explosion of Mt. St. Helen’s with us and her personal experience with it. We appreciated speaking with Martha. She was passionate about her museum and we enjoyed listening to her.

Packwood Washington

Fat Elk Trading Co.

This is the PNW and I think it is a law you must have local artists in every town. Fat Elk Trading Co. is home to some talented potters. I didn’t leave Fat Elk Trading Co. empty-handed. A beautiful one of a kind soap dish was adopted. Bonus that it was something I have been looking for, as we are slowly getting away from one-time-use plastics, such as liquid soap. Soap bars are a friendlier option and so pretty sitting in my new soap dish.

Packwood wa. Fat elk trading co

Of honorable mention that we didn’t go into but enjoyed the idea of:

Packwood Washington

Packwood Spirits and Quilts. There are regrets not going into a store that sells quilting, tobacco, and booze. I feel I let the town down by not seeing how that store was set up. We will have to return to rectify that.

Packwood is full of kind people, surrounded by trees and mountains, and easy access to good beer, great coffee, and burgers. This may be the perfect town.

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