Meet the PNWeirdos

Meet the PNWeirdos


I was born and raised in Alabama. After college, I spent almost eight years in New York. Now, I’ve finally made my way to the PNW and LOVE IT! I am passionate about technology, exploration, and our future.

Traveling by EV (electric vehicle) is a fairly new thing. Planning a trip with charging stations requires a little extra thought and can be frustrating sometimes in rural areas when your on a tight schedule but it gets easier everyday. I hope to share tips and suggestions with you based on our experiences to help you travel with confidence in safer and more sustainable ways.

Be Human. Just a friendly reminder.


I grew up in the Eastern part of Washington State but didn’t really start taking advantage of all the PNW had to offer until my late 20’s when I moved to the Seattle area. As I explored and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I fell in love with where I call home.


Traveling with a teenager is easier than a small child. However, it can still have it’s challenges. Yeti has his own agenda and we attempt to find things that he will enjoy. He likes gadgets: life-straws, flint stones, and survival gear. If he has a new gadget to try, he decides he likes camping that trip. Yeti is always willing try new foods and restaurants. Thank goodness he will eat more than mac n cheese. Maybe it is all the Chef Ramsey he watches?

Sasquatch and Yeti

Our Home

One of the best things about living in the PNW are the mountains. Washington State has some of the best hiking around. (we may be partial) A few hours from our home is Mt. Rainier National Park, North Cascades National Park, Olympic National Park, Mt. St. Helens National Monument, and many National and State Forests.

Our beaches aren’t white sand and big hotels. Beaches along the pacific coast are wild. Small towns dot the coast line. These are towns where artists and their galleries thrive. Perhaps it is all the inspiration from nature.

The second best thing are our cities. We have beautiful cities that are full of entertainment and education. Anything we want to do is just a short drive away. Musicals, plays, the opera, ballets, major and minor league sports teams, dining, museums, art, zoos, aquariums, and too many breweries to count.

We believe in being tourists in your own city. Mid week date night.

Our goal of this blog is to share our experiences, favorite hikes, things to do and see in the city and in the wilderness: in order to help you plan your next adventure or inspire you to experience something new. Perhaps even share a bit of our non-adventure life too.

If you are anything like we are, you research an area before traveling to make sure you are getting everything you can for your time and money.

If you are planning a visit to the PNW and would like recommendations based on your personal taste please contact us. We love to share our favorite things.

We hope to give you a taste of the PNW and beyond through this blog, and inspire you to submerge yourself in the wonders around you.